Silence : series


"The evolving raison d'etre" serves as the starting point for Kashimoto’s work.

She is presenting working through the "Silence" series. The series features the natural virility and life of nature, which, when repressed, increases in power and causes the death of artificial human objects.

The inspiration for the series came from the prosperity and subsequent decline of the manufacturing city of Kitakyushu-shi. Kashimoto is particularly intrigued by the unnatural state left by the remains of iron structures around the blast furnace that served as a symbol of the success of the era before disaster hit.

Silence I
The iron weathers and it is not removed. What will humans be doing by the time nature purges itself of these signs of human arrogance?

Silence II
This house was probably used every day at one time. Now its residents are plants and flowers, symbols of natures’ power.

A Huge Scrap of Iron
The unused blast furnace, reduced to an enormous heap of garbage, is merely passing the time until its existence ends calmly.