Fuyumi Kashimoto

Painter, Graphic Designer and Art Director

Born in the Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan, Fuyumi began attending art classes at 3 and started using oil paints at 10.

In 1990, Fuyumi enrolled in Nihon University's College of Art, where she studied painting, prints, sculpture, classical techniques, art history, art theory, color science, learning and drawing as part of the school's comprehensive curriculum. The college also focused on multimedia incorporation. Fuyumi graduated in 1994 with her Art degree.

Fuyumi proceeded to work in finance, gaming and design productions before founding Design Office Good Offer, an book design and AD tools company, in Shiniuku, Tokyo. The company was founded in 2000 and continues to successfully run today from its' headquarters in Akasaka, Tokyo.

Fuyumi now lives in Rome, Italy, where she is working on her paintings as well as book design projects.